clothing & accessories

Gildan PreShrunk 100% Cotton

Built to last with reinforced double stitching

Made from durable, comfy heavy blend cotton

The "Brother Muhammad" Hat

The boonie hat is made from a durable cotton ripstop material that protects you from the sun.  The brim blocks sunlight from your eyes and the all cotton fabric keeps you cool on hot days. This particular design have branch loops made of a tough nylon webbing along the crown for durability. Drain holes on the crown provide ventilation and a breathable interior. The leather keeper on the adjustable chin cord holds the hat in place. It also allows the wearer to remove the hat and securely carry the hat around the neck.

health & BEAUTY

Eden Fresh Body Oil. This body oil has Aloe Vera & Vitamin E.  It absorbs rapidly, helps to restore youthful skin, is naturally fresh scented, and goes on smooth and gentle.  Contains Australian Macadamia nut oil and Sunflower Oil. 

                     12 FL OZ. (355 ml)


Feel Fresh and Clean with Eden Fresh all natural toothpolish. Empirical research shows the negative effects flouride has on the pineal gland. No worries here.  This toothpolish is floruide FREE!!!     


                  Net Wt. 5.29 Oz (150g)


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